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Dr. med. Edgar Echegoyen Ramirez

Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support for crises, depression, burnout, anxiety, psychosis and mental problems.

Harmony between body and soul

About me

Psychiatry and psychotherapy private practice in Kaiserstuhl

As a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, it is especially important to me not just to address the mind, but also to engage with the relationship between mind and body as a whole. For example, somatic illnesses can have psychological symptoms, and vice versa. Fully understanding my patients and their history is therefore very important to me, as it enables me to engage with their problems in a targeted and sustainable manner.


In my private practice, I focus on the correlation between psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatments, and I offer depth psychology and behavioural therapy interventions, relaxation techniques and pharmacotherapy. Psychiatric expertise, statments and second opinions are also offered


The treatments in my practice are not covered by basic health insurance, therefore only for self-payers or please ask for cost transfer inquiry by your supplementary suisse insurance.

Dr Edgar Echegoyen Ramirez


  • Degree in psychology, 1984, Trier, Germany
  • Degree in medicine, Frankfurt and Göttingen, Germany; qualified as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy in 2000
  • Moved to Switzerland in 2011: Suva, psychiatric consultant
  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy practice in Zurich since 01/01/2013
  • Consultant for Swiss Federal Invalidity Insurance



  • Aargauischer Ärzteverband
  • SIM: Swiss Insurance Medicine



Psychiatric treatment and counselling

The reasons why people seek out a psychiatric practice are very varied and personal. In my practice, I try to understand my patients and the origins of their problems holistically.
Triggers can vary greatly from person to person. Examples include depressive crises, anxiety, problems at work, psychosis, life crises or psychological and psychosomatic problems. As the triggers are highly variable, so too are the treatment options that I offer in my practice.



  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Psychopharmacological medication consultation


  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Guided visualisations
  • Crisis intervention


Private practice psychiatry and psychotherapy

Rheingasse 4

8050 Zürich

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Located in Zurich Oerlikon: Only 5 minutes within walking distance from the Railway Station Oerlikon

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